How to Register

If you do not already have an account set up, then click on ‘Register' to get started. Continue to fill in the information and click on ‘Register’.

There are three ways you can join a study.

  1. Enter the ‘Study Invite Code’: You can self-register with an Invitation code that was provided or emailed by your Health Care Provider. You can either enter this code in on the registration screen or once logged into your account you can use the + Interest in study button to enter the code in then.
  2. QR Code: you can also register by scanning a QR code. If you scan a QR code and do not yet have the app downloaded, then scanning the QR code will prompt you to download the app. If you already have followed the steps above and downloaded the app, then scanning the QR code will bring you to the register screen with the invite code pre-populated.
  3. Clicking on a Study Invite Link: Alternatively, if your Health Care Provider or Research Coordinator has sent you an email with a direct invitation link, then clicking on that link will bring you to the register screen with the invite code pre-populated.

Note: You can also register without the Study Invite Code and add it in later in the app using the + Interest in study button.

Once you have registered, you can ‘Sign In’ via the main login screen.

Register Engage Engage Register

Notice the above ‘Privacy Policy’ button. This will allow you to view the Privacy Policy. We will go into the Privacy Policy in more detail in a below section.

After registering your account, the app will do a second level of validation to confirm your identity by sending a validation code to your email.

Confirmation Confirmation

Enter the code you received in your email into the email verification field and click validate. You will see a message that you have completed your registration and can now log into your account.

Confirmation Success

Click on ‘Sign in’ and it will bring you to the login screen.


Watch a tutorial video on how to register in the mobile app: