Study Details

If you press the ‘<' arrow on your study, the study will expand and you will be able to see the details of your study including the Milestones Due, Missed Milestones, Patient Reported Outcomes, the Number of Completed Milestones, and a Milestone Calendar. You will also be able to 'Withdraw Consent’, which we will talk about in detail in a later section.

IBD IBD Milestone

Below is an example of a Missed Milestone. Notice that the Missed Milestone tile only appears once you have missed a milestone.

There is a missed Milestones tile that shows the total number of missed milestones. This tile can be expanded to reveal the milestones that have been missed.

calendar  Milestone Calendar

The milestone calendar displays the number of milestones you have on a certain day, represented by blue squares. The calendar days with the orange circle represent days you have milestones to complete.

Scroll back to the top and press the ‘down’ arrow in order to collapse the study.