Withdraw Consent

If you expand the Tiles in the ‘Patient Journey’ as seen below, you will see where you can ‘Withdraw Consent’. At any time during the Patient Journey, you can ‘Withdraw Consent'.

If you click on the ‘Withdraw Consent’ button it will display a ‘Reason for Withdrawal’ text box where you can add your reason for withdrawal. Once you add a Reason for Withdrawal, you can then either ‘Confirm Withdrawal' or ‘Cancel'. If you click the ‘Cancel’ button, you will be navigated back to the ‘My Studies' screen.

My Studies Consent

Note: The ‘Reason for Withdrawal’ is a required field, therefore, if you do not enter text in there, you will receive an error message and the ‘Confirm' button will be disabled. If you do not wish to specify a specific reason, you can insert any text like 'no longer interested' or 'not applicable' and select the ‘Confirm' button.

Withdraw Consent

Once you enter a Reason for Withdrawal, if you click the ‘Confirm Withdrawal’ button, the study will display as ‘Pending Withdrawal’. At this point, the Site Staff will review and acknowledge your Withdrawal. Once the Withdrawal is acknowledged by the Research Coordinator, your Enrollment Status will change to ‘Inactive’.

You will not receive any further email communications after withdrawing from a study.

Note: If you Withdraw from a Study, you will no longer be able to see any study-related information and uncompleted PROs for that Study will not be listed. You will still have your account available to you if you wish to join other studies in the future. If not, you can delete your account on Engage by navigating to the bottom of the Profile Page (explained in a later section below).

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