Biosample Collection

Biosample Collections should be marked as complete by the Site Administrator using the ‘Mark as Complete' process. The patient will not see any clickable buttons for these milestones on their side in the Patient Engagement Application, they will see the date that anchors the +/- 6 month window for providing biospecimens. In the case of a Biosample Collection, the Site Admin is marking it as complete once they have confirmed that the biospecimen collection has occurred. Then, mark the date that the patient came in and completed that milestone. Once the Site Admin has marked the milestone as complete, the Status will be listed as ‘Complete’.

Note: Biosample Collection milestones have the following actions that can be taken. Please refer to the above sections for more information on each action.

  1. Upload Artifacts
  2. Mark as Complete
  3. View Artifacts

If you click on the ‘Mark as Complete’ icon as seen below, you will be navigated to a message box where you will input the date the milestone was completed and choose ‘Yes, complete’ to mark it as complete or ‘Cancel’ which will bring you back to the Patient Management screen. If you choose ‘Yes, complete’, the milestone will be completed and you will see a box in the upper right corner of the screen displaying message ‘Success, Milestone Completed’.

After the Site Admin has marked the Biosample Collection as complete, you will see the Milestone Status as ‘Complete’. Notice also that the Actions available are now only ‘Upload Artifacts’ and ‘View Artifacts’.

Watch a tutorial video on biosample collection: