Clinician-Reported Outcomes (ClinROs)

Some studies may require Clinician-Reported Outcomes to be uploaded from the site. These are also referred to as a ClinRO or Physicians Assessment and may need to be completed depending on the study.

The ClinRO/Physicians Assessment can be completed directly in Engage by the clinician by clicking on ‘Mark as Complete’ in the the ClinRO/Physicians Assessment milestone in the Supplemental timepoint for a patient.

When a patient comes in for a visit and a ClinRO needs to be completed, the Site Admin can find those ClinROs available for completion in the supplemental timepoint for that patient. These can be used at any point during the study.

ClinROs / Physician Assessments will always be named with a prefix of ClinRO or Physician Assessment, followed by the name of the specific form. This will make it clear that it is a milestone that needs to be completed by you, the site admin.

To access the ClinRO, click on the check mark ‘Mark as Complete’ action icon button next to the ClinRO 1 milestone and it will bring up the ClinRO to complete.

Complete the fields and click on complete to finish the ClinRO. If you have a paper version of the ClinRO, transcribe it into the system here.

Here you can see below that CinRO 1 has been completed on January 3, 2024.

The next time the patient comes in for a visit and another ClinRO must be completed, you can click on the check mark for the next available ClinRO, ClinRO2 in this case, as marked below with the arrow.

View Completed ClinRO

Completed milestones can be viewed by clicking on the ‘View Artifacts’ icon

Upload Artifacts

Although this option is available, please transcribe any paper PROs into the digital form by clicking on the 'Mark as Complete' button.

Watch a tutorial video on ClinROs: