Consent Documents Actions

You might have noticed that the Enrollment Milestone has an arrow '>' next to it. Clicking this arrow expands the milestone to display the consent documents associated with that Study Site. It is displayed this way because some Study Sites might have consent documents in different languages or for different cohorts of patients, etc., so there could be more than one artifact associated with the Enrollment Milestone. Site Admins can View each of the Consent forms listed under Enrollment.


Note: This example only shows one version of the consent, but as stated above, there can be multiple.

Please note that if a patient is completing a paper consent, you need to use an IRB Approved version available to you at your site. Do not use this version here, this is just for reference, and do not print the ICF from Engage.

View Consent

Click on the ‘View' action icon in order to view the consent form.


Below is an example of a Consent form opened in a new tab on the browser.

Watch a video on view consent: