Site Payments

Patients have the ability to get paid either through PayPal, Venmo, or the Site.

If your site contract with Target RWE includes site payments, then you need to advise patients to select the site payment option. If patients do not select get paid by the site, then the Payment summary report (Site Statement) provide by Target RWE Finance will not include payment for that patient. The Site Statement will include details on PRO payments where patients have selected to be paid by the site as well as any administrative fees owed to sites for Biospecimens and ongoing costs.

If your site does not support site payments for a Target RWE study, then it is your responsibility to advise patients that they need to avoid the get paid by site option on their application. If they do select this option by accident, then you can advise them to raise a “Contact Us” ticket to remediate the issue and put the payment back into their account with an unpaid status.

Watch a tutorial video on payments: