Key Terms & Definitions

  • Artifact: An artifact is a study related document such as an informed consent that was completed on paper and needs to be uploaded into the system. 
  • Patient Engagement Platform: Part of the Engage suite of applications, this tool allows patients to enroll in studies they are both interested in and approved for. Patients can digitally complete patient-reported outcomes and questionnaires from their device. The platform can also send patients email notifications and reminders for any upcoming milestones in the study.
  • Engage: Target RWE’s platform which hosts 3 applications: the Patient Engagement Platform, The Institution Engagement Platform and the Study Management Platform. The purpose of the IEP is to facilitate Health Care Professionals (HCPs), study managers, and site admins to interact digitally in a seamless manner, setup and quickly capture vital data, and securely and sensibly handle patient information
  • Milestones: Steps or actions that patients are requested to complete as part of participation in the study. These can include surveys (PROs and questionnaires), office visits, or biosample, biospecimen, and blood sample collection reminders.